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Santa Maria barbecue comes from the Santa Maria Valley along the California central coast, where in the 1800s, ranchers would cook up Spanish-style meats. This blend combines hot and aromatic spices and herbs to create a seasoning that can be used as a dry rub or marinade. On the grill, in the oven, or in your smoker, your tri-tip is ready for this flavor punch.

Note about refill bags: 1x refill bag size is the same volume as a large jar. 2x refill bag size is double the volume of a large jar. 3x refill bag size is triple the volume of a large jar.

Santa Maria

  • Ingredients

    Granulated garlic, sea salt, Spanish paprika, black pepper, onion, cayenne, Mexican oregano, rosemary, rice hull powder (anti-caking agent)

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