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Perfectly Seasoned

San Francisco

About Us


Who we are

We are a locally-owned spice and herb shop in the Noe Valley district of San Francisco. We carry all of the seasoning essentials, along with many hard-to-find items.

Our team consists of owners Matthew and Phuong, as well as our friends and neighbors who have helped make this shop everything that it is.

What inspired us

We looked at the culinary landscape of San Francisco and realized a specialty spice shop was sorely missing. All the options we saw were either outside of the city or national chains, grocery stores, and bulk wholesalers. We wanted to offer a centrally located, easy to get to storefront in a friendly neighborhood that serves everyday people looking for quality herbs and spices.

We also are avid homecooks and love using unique ingredients (or classic ingredients in unusual ways) and staying on top of food trends. We wanted to build a store that we ourselves would enjoy shopping at, and that's what we aspire to bring to you.

Our mission

Our mission is to help you.

You're the new resident with an empty spice rack ready to be filled.

You're the avid homecook that whips up a big pot of curry on a Tuesday night.

You're the grillmaster making steaks and burgers in the backyard.

You're the busy parent who needs an easy seasoning to put on your pasta.

You're the movie watcher looking out for unique popcorn seasonings.

You're the heat lover who wants to up your chili game with something sweet and smoky.

You're the world traveler trying to find the blend you tasted in Morocco.

You're the student who is learning to cook for the first time.

You're the dinner guest bringing a nice gift for the host.

We are here for you.

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