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Perfectly Seasoned

San Francisco

Jar Return Program

What is the Jar Return Program?

Simply put: bring in your empty Perfectly Seasoned labeled jars and save 10% on your entire purchase (applicable to the entire purchase, not just spices and herbs!)

Whether you have your own spice storage solution at home or you just want to be more environmentally conscious, we have your back. While our jars and lids are recyclable, reusing is even better for the Earth overall, so why not bring them in and get a discount?

Why reuse instead of recycle?

Reusing requires less energy than recycling since materials don't have to be broken down and reprocessed. Less water and energy are used and there is no need for new raw materials, which is required even for recyclables. Plastic manufacturing also exposes workers to toxic chemicals and substances, so let's avoid that, yeah? And because there is no new manufacturing, waste and pollution are significantly reduced at the end of the day.


Bringing in your empty jars also ensures that they definitely will be reused instead of sold off to the highest bidder, who may not even be in California or the United States, and possibly sit around never to be processed. So we're also lowering our collective carbon footprint here since the only transport that needs to be done is you bringing those jars back to our shop.

How does the program work?

We will accept the tall 4oz jars, short 2.5oz jars, and amber bottles and jars used for extracts and pastes. Jars and bottles must be accompanied by matching lids/caps (plastic shaker fittings are not required) and they must be Perfectly Seasoned labeled. We can't accept jars from other companies, sorry!


We can only accept jars brought into our physical location (please don't mail us jars!), and discounts are only offered at the time of return.


All jars and lids must be in saleable condition. That means no cracks or chips, which can cause injury to our customers, and no scratches, which can harbor bacteria and other germs.


Discounts don't stack. We will give you a 10% discount whether you bring in one jar or 20 jars. However, if we have a sale going on, we will give you whichever discount is higher.

Once jars are returned to us, we will peel off those pesky labels, wash and sanitize the jars and lids, and refill them with our spices and seasonings. You'll get 10% off your entire purchase (with the exception of gift cards). It's a win-win for everyone involved!

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