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Whether looking for a gift for your friends and family or stocking your kitchen with a collection of various tried and true seasonings, look no further than the Perfectly Seasoned Customer Favorites Set! Featuring some of our bestsellers and beloved by the community and staff, this set is sure to inspire any chef.


Champs de France is a floral blend of herbs that complements lighter fare like fish and chicken. It's delicious on roasted potatoes and is great with summer and winter squashes.


Egg Seasoning is for more than just eggs. Smoky, sweet, salty, savory, and nutty with a little bit of heat. Sprinkle this over breakfast hash, fries and mashed potatoes, and even pizza and fried chicken.


Japanese Curry is more flavorful and aromatic than most other curry blends without being hot at all. Make a large pot of curry to feed a family or use it to season potato dishes and popcorn.


Moroccan Rose contains warm spices and is well suited as a dry rub for any kind of protein including fish and tofu. It's also a great seasoning for roasting vegetables.


Truffle Parmesan can be used to add a savory truffle flavor to any dish like eggs, potatoes, pasta, and even sauces and casseroles. Try it on popcorn for an upscale movie night.


Za'atar owes its herbal and bright flavor to ingredients like oregano, marjoram, and sumac. Great on roasted vegetables, made into a salad dressing, and rubbed on meat to cut through gamy flavors and fattiness.


This well-rounded box set will be sure to surprise and delight anyone lucky enough to receive it as a gift!

Perfectly Seasoned Customer Favorites Set

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