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Love to cook Latin American dishes but low on kitchen space? This set has the seasonings for you! Featuring a variety of blends for different occasions, you'll be able to make several dishes with this set.


Adobo is garlic-forward blend that is great as a dry rub or made into a marinade. Season vegetables or meat, add it to rice for a savory side dish, or sprinkle it over popcorn and mixed nuts.


Chimichurri is a blend that can be turned into a sauce used on meat as it cooks or tableside as a condiment. Simply add red wine vinegar and olive oil to rehydrate.


Mole Poblano is a chocolate and pepper based sauce presented here in powder form. Use it as a dry rub or combine with chicken stock for a rich mole sauce.


Santa Maria is used to season cuts of beef like tri-tip and flank steak, but also works great on pork and chicken. This hot and herbal blend is great for grilling and roasting meats and vegetables.

Latin American Seasoning Set

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