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It's hard to capture the wide range of flavors found in Asia in a small set, but this is a good place to start.
Baharat is a spice blend from the Middle East that is used on meats like beef, chicken, and pork before cooking, or it can be used as a condiment seasoning.
Chinese Five Spice comes from the Far East and is highly aromatic with anise flavors coming to the forefront. It's used to season meat before roasting, grilling, or braising.
Garam Masala is used across the Indian subcontinent as a finishing seasoning for such dishes as curries and stews, vegetables and legumes, and eggs and potatoes.
Panch Phoron comes from North India and is used early in cooking to flavor fish, chicken, potatoes, soups, and stews. It's also used as a palate cleanser between dishes at the dinner table.

Asian Seasoning Set

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