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A go-to seasoning for chilis, taco meat, fajitas, or any kind of filling from burritos to empanadas. It's pungent, spicy, earthy, and just hot enough to make your tongue tingle. Use as much or as little as you like while browning your ground beef, seasoning your roast chicken, and spicing up a plate of nachos. Chili powder also goes great on sweet fruit like mango and pineapple, adding a complementary spicy heat!

Note about refill bags: 1x refill bag size is the same volume as a large jar. 2x refill bag size is double the volume of a large jar. 3x refill bag size is triple the volume of a large jar.

Chili Powder

  • Ingredients

    Ancho chili, granulated garlic, chipotle pepper, cumin, coriander, smoked Hungarian paprika, Mexican oregano, rice hull powder (anti-caking agent)

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